Housing facilities

Housing facilities


  1. At Université Lille 1, Sciences et Technologie (Lille, France)

Housing is offered at REEFLEX, the International Residence Hall which was envisioned for doctoral and post-doctoral students, researchers and visiting professors of the University of Lille laboratories.

REEFLEX offers 69 fully equipped and high quality furnished apartments.

Please carefully check all information about REEFLEX in the ‘USTL EGEI information booklet’ and on http://reeflex.univ-lille.fr/home/Researcher/International-Residence-Hall.


  1. At Universiteit Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium)

The International Housing Office of the University of Antwerp has a limited number of rooms in student dormitories and university residences. As EGEI students only spend 3 months in Antwerp, they cannot apply for these rooms. Therefore, you will have to look for a room on the private market.

All courses in the EGEI programme will be offered at the City Campus of the University of Antwerp. Before renting a room, carefully check the distance between the room and the campus. You can read here more about the exact location of the City Campus.

We advise you to make a room reservation in advance. If you are reluctant to this, you can come to Antwerp a week or two before the start of the Antwerp term to look at options. In this case, you are advised to book a room in a youth hostel or a budget hotel for the first nights of your stay. For your convenience, we have listed below some accommodation options.

  1. a) Campus Vespa

Campus Vespa, adjoining the City Campus of the University of Antwerp, offers studios with private bathroom and a common kitchen. Contact Sofie Van Steenbergen, sofie.vansteenbergen@vespa.antwerpen.be

  1. b) Antwerp Student Hostel

The ASH is a unique concept in the heart of Antwerp, providing flexible accommodation at a great value. It offers dorms and private rooms. Contact tyasvandeneynde@antwerpstudenthostel.com , 

myreservation@antwerpstudenthostel.com , Website https://www.ash-antwerp.com/

  1. c) Kotweb

Kotweb is a student accommodation database and offers the largest range of student accommodation in Antwerp. Website http://www.studentkotweb.be

The advantages of renting a room published on Kotweb are:

- Quality label

The City of Antwerp inspects all student accommodation published on Kotweb. Based on this inspection, it assigns a quality label to each student property. Read more about this Quality label.

- Model lease

Kotweb provides and recommends the use of a model lease, aiming at a balance between the interests of both the landlord and the tenant. Read more about the Model lease.

- Advice & help

Kotweb provides information about quality and safety and offer help in conflicts and mediation. Read more about Advice & help.

The housing pages of the University of Antwerp’s website offer useful information and some tips & tricks for international degree students (staying for a full academic year) and for exchange students (staying for one semester). You belong to none of these categories, but you can check the pages for the international degree students as the information given there applies also to you. You can find the page here.


  1. At Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze (Prague, Czech Republic)

VŠE offers accommodation in a university dormitory that is available for Czech students as well as for international students. The dormitory is located at 15 to 20 minutes by tram from the  university campus.

Students have to apply in advance. An application form together with details about deposit and deadlines will be sent to you by the local coordinator in due time.

You can read more about housing at VŠE at https://admissions.vse.cz/prospective-students/housing/.


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