16.4.2018 - 29.6.2018 - 3rd term in Prague

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Name Country Dissertation
Yetsedaw Emagne BekeleEthiopiaExploring the relationship between trade liberalization and Ethiopian economic growth
Dario BelluominiItalyDoes there exist a ´natural resource curse´?
Soumya BhowmickIndiaCultivation of the globalized world: An economic analysis of the ´sense of globalization´ in people
Aigerim BirzhanovaKazakhstanBusiness cycles´ synchronization in EMU: Analysis of demand and supply shocks
Jolien DalleBelgiumInflation differentials in a monetary union: The stress from the common monetary policy in the Euro area
Tineke De RaedtBelgiumRising health spending, new medical technology and the Baumol effect
Camille DilsBelgiumThe social economy in times of crisis
El Mehdi El HerradiFranceThe redistributive impacts of ecb´s quantitative easing
Liudmyla FeliksovaUkraineGrowth issues in developing countries: The role of tourism sector in the development of small Oceanian countries
Cherkos Meaza GebregergisEthiopiaAn assessment of the economic impact of globalization in Ethiopia: A co-integration analysis
Maxime JanssensBelgiumThe role of NGOs in delivering poverty-oriented aid
Vojtěch KonečnýCzech RepublicContagion on financial markets
Juraj KumičákSlovakiaThe economic effect of remittances in conflict affected countries
Xiaojie LyuChinaElderly Chinese new immigrants´ medical resources utilization status in Toronto
Mykola MazurUkraineEconomic sanctions of EU against Russia: Does it make sense?
Pavel MészárosCzech RepublicState ownership in the EU: Comparative analysis
Gulim MukhatayKazakhstanMigration and intergenerational mobility
Dominika MurínováSlovakiaGender trends in education and marriage stability
Kieu Hanh NguyenCzech RepublicThe economic consequences of Brexit on free movement of goods, services, people and capital
Solomon OwusuGhanaEscaping poverty in a globalised world: An assessment of the impact of official development assistance on economic well-being in developing countries
Martin RoškotCzech RepublicThe economics of organized crime in Europe
Matěj ŠtětkářCzech RepublicBrexit and its consequences on EU defense policy and security
Aldar TsybyktarovCzech RepublicWhat is the rationale behind immigration policies? Do developed countries really want to restrict immigration?
Florentien Van KeerberghenBelgiumThe impact of the great recession on income inequality within and between Europe, the Americas and Oceania
Geert VolkaertsBelgiumRecent trends in monetary policies: Empirical study on the determinants of the long-term interest rate in the U.S.
Thi Minh Xuan TranVietnamThe impacts of globalization on internal mobility in Vietnam


Name Country Dissertation
Matěj BohůnekCzech RepublicComparison of the unconventional monetary policies of the ECB and the FED
Serhiy Bulhakov UkraineGravity modelling of international trade and international trade policy
Jan CuppensBelgiumThe myth of expansionary fiscal contraction
Mariana Chamorro BrazilClimate shocks and International Trade: an empirical analysis
Lucía Ibáňez SpainCompetition patterns and policy at the EU internal natural gas markets
Andrea KolářováCzech RepublicAssessment of the effects of sanctions on trade between the EU and Russia
Qingli Lim SingaporeASEAN, a miracle made through Foreign Direct Investments and its transmission mechanisms
Nemanja Mihajlovic Serbia and MontenegroMilitary Keynesianism: Military expenditure and growth nexus in Europe
Ornella Monteiro Czech RepublicComparison of the financial cycle in advanced and emerging economies
Martin MudraCzech RepublicDeflation: Real problem to be solved or inevitable consequence of globalization?
Diyorjon Nurmatov UzbekistanTransatlantic trade and investment partnership: Estimates of effects on a selected EU country.
Solomon Owusu GhanaEscaping poverty in a globalised world: An assessment of the impact of official development assistance on economic well-being in developing countries
Ernil Sabaj AlbaniaTax revenue forecasting: Models and combining (Albania Case)
Ivan ShvechikovRussian FederationConditional impact of institutions on output growth: Does the level of institutions differ systematically with the level of development?
Štěpán TošovskýCzech RepublicThe economics of organized crime: Evidence on FDI attraction in Latin America and Caribbean
An Vo HaVietnamImmigration policy review and comparison of Germany, Italy and the Netherlands
Can Wang ChinaLong run and short run casualty relationship between exchange rate and stock price: A meta-analysis
Xinran Zheng ChinaStudy on the response of France towards sovereign debt crisis based on yield spreads
Anna ZhitinaRussian FederationThe economic benefits of EU membership: an empirical analysis


Name Country Dissertation
Richard BandžakCzech RepublicCosts and Benefits of Reducing Financing Costs Through Corporate Social Responsibility
Anzhelika BozhanovaBulgariaGender Based Inequalities in Labour Market Earnings: The Case of Bulgaria
Anja DamjanovicBosnia and Herzegovina The Euro Crisis: Austerity and the Human Cost
Weichen DuChinaThe term structure of German real interest rates and inflation expectations
Ondřej GúthCzech RepublicIs the European Monetary Union an optimal currency area? An empirical analysis of interest rate and inflation differentials across the euro zone
Barbara HaškováSlovakiaAssessment of the Effects of Sanctions on Trade between the EU and Russia
Ján HladkýSlovakiaAerospace Clustering and its role in economic performance
Adam HrazdíraCzech RepublicThe impact of Foreign Direct Investment from the European Union to Singapore
Kristýna JedličkováCzech RepublicMigration towards Europe and the welfare magnet: Determinants of Turkish Migration to EU-15
Evert LemmensBelgiumAre there structural breaks in the relationship between GDP and unemployment in Europe?
Unai Lopez FuentesSpainDo Structural Funds contribute to the convergence among EU countries?
Filip NepimachCzech RepublicEconomics of European defense industry
Sylvie PirsonNetherlandsRegional Inequality and International Trade
Flavia Queiroz LimaBrazilGlobal Competitiveness Index and Growth: The Brazilian case
Monika SajdykPolandThe Gravity Model of International Trade and International Trade Policy: Trade in Services.
Natalia SojaPolandThe Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Staff Loyalty and Efficiency
Rama SutradharBangladeshPro-poor Growth: The Distributional Effects of Economic Growth in Bangladesh
Lenka ŠetkováCzech RepublicUnconventional monetary tools adopted by the ECB and the FED from 2008 until 2014
Martin ŠrůmaCzech RepublicTowards an EU rating agency
Anna UrukovaUkraineThe economic analysis of the effects of development aid: Creation of the middle class
David VajčnerCzech RepublicThe Role of Non-Profit Organizations: An analysis of economic theories and a cross-national empirical study into factors determining non-profit sector size
Ellen VandevyvereBelgiumThe influence of the BRIC-countries on the evolution of worldwide inequality from 1990 to 2010
Javier VarillasPeruEuropean Merger Control: Is there an actual enhancement of efficiency considerations under the current common regulatory framework?
Evelyn VerbekeBelgiumThe role of sovereign credit ratings during the European debt-crisis
Pieter-Jan VerelstBelgiumMigrants Employment and Wages in the Host Country: Is there Brain Waste?
Stanislav YekateryninUkraineConstitutional features and economic performance: Evidence from developing countries
Ke ZhaiChinaBusiness Cycle Synchronization across EMU Countries: Analysis of the Cost of Business Cycle Heterogeneity


Name Country Dissertation
Ondřej BEDNÁŘCzech RepublicThe impact of Currency Union on trade imbalances: the Case of Eurozone
Korawit BOORANAKITThailandPro-poor growth: The distributional effects of economic growth
Frederick DE CONINCKBelgiumThe ECB´s management of the financial crisis
Pavel DUDEKCzech RepublicSecurity of energy supply in European Union measured by REES and CERE indices
Mary-Ann FUTUKPORGhanaExchange rate movement and management in Ghana and Nigeria
Adela GAJEWSKAPolandThe interaction between migration and FDI in Central and Eastern European countries since the fall of the Iron Curtain
Xi GEChinaMigrant´s employment and wages in the host country: Is there a brain waste?
Joel Miworse GNATCHIGLOTogoDeterminants od Foreign Direct Investment flows to West Africa
Zuzana HLINKOVÁCzech RepublicInflation differentials in the Eurozone
Zhiwu HONGChinaEuro-area yield curve exploration during crises: An arbitrage-free Nelson-Siegel term structure model
Timo HUYSKENSBelgiumA measurement of the import content of New Zeland tourism exports
Irina ILIEVABulgariaEconomics of climate change: The CO2 - GDP relationship and the case study of Germany
Wilhelmus Johannes Adrianus JACOBSNetherlandsDoes a Euro flight home effect exist? Observations from the syndicated Loan Market during the financial crisis
Josip JURICCroatiaDeterminants of slum creation: An empirical analysis
Petra KLUSÁKOVÁCzech RepublicInternational imbalances and international adjustment during the global financial crisis
Matěj KRČMACzech RepublicTrade openness and income inequality in Eastern Europe
Tomáš LOFFLERCzech RepublicInfrastructure and growth: Is it a chicken and egg story? Evidence from European countries
Jelena LUCICSerbia and MontenegroThe trade between the EU and China
Agne NASLENAITELithuaniaAnalysis of the main FDI determinants in Lithuania
Angelina NIKOLAICHUKUkraineWhat economic factors drive the Euro-dollar exchange rate?
Miroslava PANKOVÁCzech RepublicComparison between drug regulation in European Union and Brazil
Monika PECHÁČKOVÁCzech RepublicGender based inequalities in labor market outcomes
Abel Tadesse REDDAEthiopiaOrganized crime, corruption and economic growth: A cross-country empirical study
Vít ROŽMBERSKÝCzech RepublicMilitary expenditure in European NATO countries: A comparative study from 1989 to 2013
Borislav SKANDARSKISerbia and MontenegroThe Euro crisis: Determinants, consequences, policies
Zyta SLOWIANSKAPolandExchange rate arrangements in Eastern
Magnus Aina TAYLORSierra LeoneIntroduction of the Euro and inflation
Thanh Binh TRANVietnamInnovative banking strategies in Vietnam
Jan TROČILCzech RepublicInvestigating risk-on, risk off patterns in global financial markets
Tom VAN DEN BOSCHBelgiumSocial infrastructure and sustainable development
Pim VERBUNTBelgiumThe equivalent growth incidence curve? Analyzing and comparing the distribution of growth in income and multidimensional wellbeing before and during the crisis in Europe
Yang YANGChinaHow do European countries attract Chinese students?
Bisher YAZIGISyrian Arab RepublicDomestic demand importance in global current account imbalances: Germany vs Spain
Petra ZELENICKÁSlovakiaImpact of technology on US natural gas industry
Binling ZHUOChinaA research on SME financing constraint in China based on empirical study of 40 listed SMES


Name Country Dissertation
Aaron William BAYIG IMANDICameroon The impact of the Euro on intra trade imbalance in the EU
James CROOKSTONUnited States (USA)Iceland and Ireland: a comparison of crisis response policy
Mary-Ann FUTUKPORGhanaExchange rate management and movement in Nigeria and Ghana
Yann GuthertzFranceThe economic environment of the fair trade producers
Stefan KATEVBulgariaThe impact of international trade on labour markets: Empirical study on selected central an eastern European countries members of European union
Ewout KILLEMAESBelgiumMeasuring the economic impacts of European Space Agency contracts in Belgium: an Input-Output model approach
Emma LaurenčíkováCzech RepublicAn analysis of FDI from the EU to South America: flows and determinants
Václav MRHAČCzech RepublicCompetition and market integration: role of European power exchange
Michaela NOVÁKOVÁCzech RepublicMigration and development in EU countries. Comparative analysis of approaches and projects: Vietnamese diaspora in the Czech Republic and France
Sylvia REJNARTOVÁCzech RepublicMonetary policies of ECB and FED in comparison
Hannelore RENSBelgiumRural - Urban migration as a consequence of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa
Matteo SISTOItalyInequality and Financial Crisis: Is there a Link between Inequality and Crisis? Evidences from Italy
Radka ŠEDIVÁCzech RepublicAn empirical analysis of trade effects of the European Monetary Union
Juraj ŠUCHTASlovakiaAusterity vs. Stimulus: the case study of the European sovereign debt crisis
Alena TVRDÍKOVÁCzech RepublicThe impact of FDI on inequality in emerging countries. Panel data estimation of selected countries
Eva Van BelleBelgiumMaximising the use of migrants skills: going beyond high qualified migrants? focus
Evy VANDENHOUWEBelgiumThird country lobby groups influencing the European policy process: a first acquaintance
Peter VÍŤAZKASlovakiaCapital market integration. Evaluation and Measurement: sovereign bond market


Name Country Dissertation
Michal CVEJNCzech RepublicDo markets notice economic policymakers change? An event study.
Samuel Victor DELAMOULiberiaFiscal decentralization and spending efficiency of governments
Adil EL ABBOUBIMoroccoNetworks and the location of immigrants within the host country
Ida HOHNJECCroatiaAdministrative burdens and economic growth
Rezart HOXAJAlbaniaNetworks and the location of immigrants within the host country
Paulina HYSKAPolandCluster analysis and agglomeration in the ceramics industry or aerospace industry.
Ivana HYSKOVÁCzech RepublicHealth care expenditure in the EU countries: A panel data approach
Marek LIPTÁKSlovakiaCompetition patterns at the EU internal energy markets in Central Europe
David MATYÁŠCzech RepublicEconomic Rationale for Industrial Policy in Developing Countries
Florian MITIAlbaniaTransaction costs and corporate governance
Charlotte Kaat Greta OSTYNBelgiumForeign direct investment to/from each of the EU 15 and each of the 13 CC: determinants and consequences
Markéta SANTARIUSOVÁCzech RepublicPrice convergence between new and old EU member countries
Angel SANZSpainMigration to/from each of the EU 15 and each of the 13 CC: determinants and consequences
Kangyi SHAOChinaEconomic analysis on European debt crisis
Lucie SVOBODOVÁCzech RepublicThe Introduction of the Euro and Inflation: Cross-country Differences in Perceived Inflation
Andrea ŠKROPEKOVÁSlovakiaThe Economic Rationale for Industrial Policy in Developing Countries
Petr ŠPINARCzech RepublicMonetary Integration and Intensity of Mutual Trade of the Eurozone - Empirical Evidence
Claudia TUPPUTIItalyPoverty and working poor in the European Union
Aleš VESELÝCzech RepublicEuropean Electricity Market and EU Member´s Energy Policies
Stefano VISAGGIOItalyThe European ombudsman as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism
Davide VURCHIOItalyOutsourcing and labour markets in advanced economies
Rolf ZELDENRUSTNetherlandsEmpirical or theoretical analysis of the EU state aid decisions


Name Country Dissertation
Samuel Amare ADMASSUEthiopiaForeign aid and economic growth in Ethiopia
Tigran ALEKSANYANArmeniaThe possible membership of Armenia to EU: An economic perspective
Natalia ARTIUSHENKOUkraineThe relevance of Minsky´s financial instability hypothesis - An evaluation
Elisabeth BELIENBelgiumCan the U.S. dollar remain the international reserve currency? U.S. current account analysis
Hamza BENNANIFrance and MoroccoIs the weighted average of the interest rate fixed by the ECB optimal?
Barbara BRATTAItalyOptimal hospital location model
Lucie BUSFYOVASlovakiaThe effect of EU membership on Croatian trade flows
Lorena BUSTOSpainTowards an optimal EU level immigration policy
Dries COUCKUYTBelgiumModern portfolio theory applied to electricity generation planning in the European union
Anastasia EDELKINARussian FederationThe role of the IMF in the creation of a new international reserve currency
Daniele GIANMARCOItalyThe impact of family ties on youth unemployment in Europe
Jana HROMADOVÁCzech RepublicHorizontal and Vertical Intra-Industry Trade between New and Old Member Countries - Implications for Convergence
Whyn Keen CHANMalaysiaThe stock/flow approach of exchange rate modelling: Empirical evidence on euro/dollar and euro/pound
Jana KÁLALOVÁCzech RepublicUSD vs. basket of currencies: Which way now?
Alena KRUTIŠOVÁCzech RepublicIntegration of the equity markets in the CEE countries: opportunity for international portfolio diversification
Arendina KUIKENNetherlandsAn economic analysis of the Dutch Aerospace Industry ? knowledge spill-overs and cluster development -
Eleni MAVROMATIDOUGreeceInternational Students, Growth and Development
Li MIAOChina
Ileana PARTACHIMoldaviaBest practices of financial disclosure: A study of Moldova in the context of EU intagration
Iva PEJSAROVÁCzech RepublicComposition of public expenditure and growth: is there a nexus?
Anne PENTECOSTUnited KingdomDoes the ECB Follow a Taylor Rule?
Ante PRKACroatiaFiscal sustainability of selected EMU countries
Artan ROGOVAKosovoCompetition policy in South Eastern Europe. The analysis of the role and the work of anti-monopoly authorities and their correspondence to EU competition policy
Ivan RYBANSlovakiaRegional Convergence in the EU
Soňa RYBANOVÁCzech RepublicRelation between Globalisation and the Real Convergence
Peter SCHNEIDERAustriaWhy so serious? An empirical study on the relationship between economic integration and well-being in eastern European countries
Giovanna SUMMOItalyHeterogeneous firms and trade: new trade theories and empirics
Aneta ŠÁTRALOVÁCzech RepublicLiberalization process of EU electricity market
Jan ŠEDINACzech RepublicPsychological and sociological aspects of investors´ behavior in speculative assets markets
Dimitar TOCKOVSerbia and MontenegroIPA - The new instrument for pre-accession - the case of republic of Macedonia
Ekaterina VAKHNEVARussian Federation
Radana VOJTÍŠKOVÁCzech RepublicEndogeneity of OCA Criteria - Implications for non-members
Wim WAUTERSBelgiumGovernment Spending and Economic Growth
Jinchao YIChinaA Test of the Feldstein-Horioka Model of Capital Market Integration: How Integrated Are European Capital Markets
Rubaiya ZAMANBangladeshRelation Between Trade and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission In South Asian Countries: An Empirical Study
Andrea ZAMBRANOEcuadorThe role of firms in migration in France


Name Country Dissertation
Ana Lucía ABELIANSKYArgentinaWhat determines European foreign direct investment flows to Argentina? An empirical analysis
Aisaitijiang AIBAIDULAChina
Mahzabin AKHANDBangladeshDeterminants of the size of the non-profit sector and a comparison between Europe and Asia: a cross country analysis
Bahran ARTIKOVUzbekistanEquilibrium exchange rate of Euro: a G20 panel cointegration approach
Ada BEBIAlbaniaThe economy and social policies in Albania
Iaroslav BILANUkraineTrade and climate change: a literature survey
Jan BRUSSELAERSBelgiumMigration to the EU as factor movement: analysis of the influence on the EU?s external trade
Alejandro COFRÉ-JARAChileRegional convergence in EU27
Manuel CORRALES RABASpainThe working and misdoings of credit rating agencies up to the subprime crisis
Jaison DAVISIndia
Müge DIRIKALTurkey
Dita DRUDIKOVACzech RepublicThe inflation growth relation: evidence from six European countries
Sonila DUKAAlbaniaMacroeconomic and sectoral indicators of innovative activity. A critical inventory of Eurostat and OECD statistics
Estela FERNANDEZ BARREDASpainFemale workers: comparing their role and status in the enlarged Europe
Mekbib HAILEEthiopiaA meta-analysis of the trade effects of exchange rate instability
Lukas HALMCzech RepublicThe current crisis and Eurozone accession possibilities
Guus HENDRIKSNetherlandsSocio-economic factors conditioning organised crime: perverse social capital explored
Feixiang HUChinaIs the PAYG system out of date? On European pension reform
Jérôme HUBERTFranceEducational systems and inequalities in the European Union
Yi-Chin CHENTaiwanDoes demographic structure affect migration policy?
Viktoryia IHOSHYMABelarusFDI to EU-15 and NMS. Comparative analysis of inflow determinants
Zuzana JANECKOVACzech RepublicEmpirical analysis of EU´s economic geography: the importance of market access
Mulugeta Andualem JEMBERIEEthiopia
Ibrahim Berkan KANDURTurkey
Esra KELESTurkeyConvergence between CEECs and EU 15
Maroun KEYROUZLebanonA theory of the financial crisis: the theory of financial regulation and the role of institutions
Veronika KOUBOVACzech RepublicFirms? location sensitivity to the European Union?s environmental policies. Pollution haven hypothesis or Porter hypothesis?
Joseph John LAUGHINGHOUSEBrazilForeign direct investment in Latin America: impact on economic growth in the host countries
Tomas LEHOTSKYCzech RepublicThe effects of the exchange rate regime on inflation: evidence from Central Europe
Margarita MIKHAILOVAKazakhstanThe determinants of urbanisation: an empirical analysis
Sujata MISHRAIndiaSelection of right firms and creating an efficient environmental policy
Ingrida MUTALOVASlovakiaEndogeneity of the OCA criteria: implications for non-members
Minh Trang NHUYENVietnamThe Euro´s impact on Irish external trade
Hien NHUYEN THI THUVietnamDeterminants of Japanese outward foreign direct investment in European Countries, with focus on market and fiscal variables at a sector level
Tomas PERINKACzech RepublicPrice convergence between the new and old EU member countries
Tereza PLCHOVACzech RepublicState aid to public service broadcasting
Dragana RADICSerbia and MontenegroMigration flows and immigration policies in the EU: an analysis of the current framework
Nafis RAZZAKBangladeshRules of Origin and International Trade
Thomas SENLECQUEFrance
Si SHIChinaReal estate booms and risks of mortgage defaults in different EU countries
Barbora SVÁROVSKÁCzech RepublicMicrofinance as an investment option and as a means of systematic risk diversification
Jan ŠULISTACzech RepublicClimate change and human mobility: is there a nexus?
Wiktor WAJDAPoland
YU ZHOUChinaEffect of the integration of two asymmetric countries on environmental policy and the welfare change in the integrated countries


Name Country Dissertation
Solomon AHIMAHGhanaThe Nexus between Urbanisation and Economic Development: a Reappraisal
Véronique BACHACanadaThe long term Evolution of Revenue Inequalities in the European Union and the United States
Jonse BOKAEthiopiaForeign Direct Investment and Employment Creation in Sub Saharan African: a Panel Data Approach
Thomas CLINCKBelgiumThe Supply Chain of Micro Investments
Petra DOLEZALOVACzech RepublicThe Impact of Immigration on Employment and Wages in France
Berat HAVOLLIKosovoDeterminants of the Likelihood to Emigrate Evidence from Kosovans Households
Thi Ha Phuong HOANGVietnamLocation of Immigrants from Muslim Majority Countries in Europe
Zdenek HOLECEKCzech RepublicPrice Convergence between the Czech Republic and EU-15
Ju-Yueh HSIAOTaiwanCentral and Eastern Europe: to Join or not to Join the Eurozone
Ivan KIBRITOVSlovakiaMergers and Takeovers in European economies: The Impact on Performance.
Jumpon KLUAYMAI-NGARMThailandCapital Market Integration in ASEAN
Ludvika KOCURKOVACzech RepublicEndogeneity of OCA Criteria - Implications for non-Members (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic)
Petra KULHANYOVASlovakiaIntroduction of Euro and Inflation
Irina LEVCHENKOAfghanistanThe Impact of Aid on the Economic Performance of the Recipient
Elena LUNGUMoldaviaMigration and Remittances: The Economic Impact on Republic of Moldova
Ashagrie Demile MOGESEthiopiaImpact of International Trade on Income Inequality: a Meta Regression Analysis
Nicholas MORRISUnited KingdomEmpirical Analysis of Efficiency Wage Existence in the English Premier League and the Revenue Impact of the ?Sky TV deal?
Iveta PATEROVACzech RepublicMonetary Integration and Intensity of Mutual Trade - Empirical Evidence
Tomas PERINKACzech Republic
Thi Thu Thuy PHAMVietnamThe Short-run Euro- Dollar Exchange Rate: a Portfolio Balance Approach
Jan POSKOCILCzech RepublicThe Analysis of EU Trade Policy: EU Trade Policy in Relation to Central Europe, namely the Czech Republic and its Impact on Local Market
Zuzana PUTNAROVACzech RepublicStructural and Regional Development of New Member Countries from the Point of View of New Economic Geography
Michal PYTELPolandComparative Analysis of Science and Technology Parks for Regional Development. Comparing Situation between New and Old EU Member State
Lyubomyr REGUSHUkraineEconomics of the European Defence Industries: Defence Industries Development in European NATO Members and EU non-NATO Countries
Maureen Ane ROSELLONPhilippinesExchange Rate Misalignment in Two Northern European Member States of the EU
Paola SERRAItalyCauses and Dynamics of Corruption. Are there Regional Differences?
Eliene VAN AKENBelgiumThe Greenspan Put in Europe: is European monetary policy influenced by stock values?
Peter VANHAMBelgiumClimate Change and Trade: Theory and Empirics: an Evaluation Study of the Clean Development Mechanism
Rocio VELASCO ANDRESSpainThe Competitiveness of the Spanish Economy in the EU
Tomas VOTAVACzech RepublicThe Causes of Rising Wage Inequality: Comparing the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic
Yang WANGChinaThe Working and Misdoings of the Rating Agencies up to the Subprime Crisis
Besa XHAFERIMacedonia (FYROM)The Impact of Employee Financial Participation in European Companies.
Bin YANGChinaHow Comparable are National Statistics on Unemployment? A Critical Examination of the ´Harmonized´ Eurostat Unemployment Statistics
Saba YIFREDEWEthiopiaEstimating the Impact of EBA on Sub Saharan Africa´s Exports: a Gravity Panel Data Approach
Wenjian ZHAOChinaThe Trend in Wages of Immigrants in Europe: Economic Assimilation or Cohort Effect?


Name Country Dissertation
Esubalew A. ASSEFAEthiopiaWhat Explains the EU-Africa Trade Flows?
Gilda ÇIBUKUAlbaniaSouth-Eastern European Transitional Economies intra-Trade and external-Trade with EU, 2000-2007. (Albania, and Ex-Yugoslavian Countries: Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia)
Ana GOMEZSpainAn Evaluation of the Outcomes of the Implementation of Labour Mobility Policies in the EU.
Ritchelle J. ALBUROPhilippinesCharacteristics, Patterns, and Determinants of Philippine Merchandise Trade with East Asia: Policy Perspectives on East Asian Regionalism for the Philippines.
Tatiana KRYZHANOVSKAYARussiaThe Economical Trends (Directions) of Fair Trade´s Influence on the Global Trade System ? The new Way of Trading.
Richard LEHMANNCzech RepublicThe impact of FDI on productivity - Spillovers effects in the Czech Republic
Shengan LIUChinaTourism Flows in Asia and the Intra-tourism.
Mohammad Masud AlamBangladeshCapital Market Integration in the EU
Irfan MUJAHIDIndonesiaConvergence Across Indonesian Provinces.
Olena RABTSUNUkraineIs there an Inequality versus Unemployment Trade-off? The case of the European Union.
Jane SEBERBelgiumThe Effect of Poland?s Integration on EU Migration.
Sisay Regassa SENBETAEthiopiaForeign Direct Investment and Technology Spillovers in Sub Saharan Africa: How important is FDI from EU?
Ganna SHAPOVALUkraineEconomic Analysis of Public-Private Partnerships in the EU: the Case of Transport Infrastructure
Narissa SHRESTHAThailandCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Economic and Policy Implication on European Corporate Sector.
Daniel STREJCCzech RepublicMonetary policy and the ECB
Yuehua TANG ChinaWhat Economic Factors drive the short run Euro-Dollar Exchange Rate?
Watcharapa WATCHARASINTThailandTrade Effects of European Monetary Union. A Current Study for Intra-Euro Trade.


Name Country Dissertation
Furkatjon ABDULAHATOVUzbekistanAgeing in the European Labour Market: The impact of ageing in the EU on the transition economies of Eastern and Central Europe.
Hilola AHMEDOVAUzbekistanCompetition Policy in Transition Economies and its Correspondence to EU Competition Policy: the Analysis of the Work of Anti-Monopoly Offices.
Rozalina ALBUMoldaviaTax competition and fiscal policies under economic growth.
Juraj ANDOCzech RepublicEU Trade Flows - Equality and Disparity Effects.
Daria ARKHIPOVARussiaImpact of privatization on economic performance in airline industry. Application of international experience to Czech airlines case.
Sophie BOURGUIGNON FranceThe effect of international trade on wage disparity: the cases of the UK and Czech Republic.
Thiago Carvalho CABRAL REISBrazilDeterminants of Foreign Direct Investment to MERCOSUR Economies: An analysis of Economic Integration.
Jaime Alejandro CANALColombiaEffectiveness of competition policy in traditionally regulated sectors (The case of Gas deregulation in the Czech Republic).
Pieter CEUSTERSBelgiumIs there Evidence of Rising Labour Market Flexibility in the EU?
Mária FERENCOVÁSlovakiaOligopsony on the international tourism market and host countries: a theoretical analysis.
Tereza HRUŠKOVÁCzech RepublicThe long term evolution of revenue inequalities in the EU and the USA.
Thanh Binh Minh HUYNHVietnamDeterminants of cross-border bank mergers in the euro area.
Daniel JANEČEKCzech RepublicBusiness cycles convergence in the EU.
Robert KLÁNCzech RepublicThe effects of supranational regional policy on economic development and disparities of southern Italian regions.
Keqiang LIChinaMacroeconomic Policy Coordination in EMU?: A critical assessment of ECB behaviour.
Tomáš LUKEŠCzech RepublicCzech pension reform analysis - assessement of competing models and relevant economic policy implications.
Rik MERTENSBelgiumThe Trend, Location and Distribution of Inward Foreign Direct Investment to the EU since 1992.
Vahid MOJTAHEDIranThe impact of standards on bilateral trade flow from US to EU: estimating a gravity model.
Thi To Nga NGUYENVietnamCauses and Consequences of recent Migration Flows into the EU: Social Sustainability versus Fiscal Improvement.
Kristina PAGELGermanyLiberalisation of natural monopolies and utility markets within the EU: winners and losers of the game?
Petr POLÁŠEKCzech RepublicTrade diversion in CEECs related to their accession to the EU.
Zongxin QIANChinaEuropean FDI and Economic Integration.
Feng QIUChinaThe role of the informal sector in transition economies: mobility of labour in three states.
Daniel SAKYIGhanaTrade Openness and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Evidence from Ghana.
Andrea STAŇKOVÁCzech RepublicReady for the Euro? Fiscal developments in the Czech Republic and Poland.
Nikolina STOJANOVSKAMacedonia (FYROM)The innnovative performance as determinant of country's export.
Flavia URSULESCURomaniaThe impact of european structural actions on economic convergence in the EU cohesion countries.
Jiali WANGChinaAgeing in the European Labour Market: A Need to Extend EU Discrimination Policy?
Bartek WARMUZPolandProductivity convergence and Zloty appreciation: is there evidence of connection of these two? The examination of Harrod-Balassa-Samuelson effect.
Di YANGChinaMonetary policy operation in the first few years of EMU: effects and influences on EU member states.
Jie ZHENGChinaExport credit insurance and China's international trade.


Name Country Dissertation
Ana BAGIČCroatiaDoes ownership structure of Croatian companies affect their performance?
Lukáš BEŽILASlovakiaImpact of foreign direct investment on labour market: case of Czech industry
Šimon BIL'OSlovakiaAustrians and the mainstream: the stories of exchange rate determination.
Amanda CARTERUnited KingdomTrade diversion? The effect of the euro on trade with Japan.
Pavla DÚBRAVSKÁCzech RepublicPurchasing power parity in transition economies - application for the Czech Republic
Daniel GLYKNERCzech RepublicEuropean Regional Policy and Restructuring of Coal and Steel Industries in the EU - Comparative Analysis of Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom
Helena CHYTILOVÁCzech RepublicThe Efficiency of Inflation Targeting in Transition Economies, the Case of the Czech Republic
Peter JUREČKASlovakiaThe Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Czech Real Exports: Theory and Empirical Investigation
Lenka LAUBOVÁCzech RepublicThe Analysis on the Spatial Distribution of Immigrants in the Czech Republic in Period of 2001-2004
Elitsa STEFANOVABulgariaCurrency substitution: the case of Bulgaria.
Eva ŠPANIKOVÁSlovakiaEuro Adoption in the Slovak Republic: Is Slovakia making headway towards constituting an OCA with the EMU?
Evert VAN MEEUWENBelgiumThe Determinants of FDI from the EU in Latin America
Kim VERBERCKMOESBelgiumEconomic convergence or divergence in the EU: a meta analysis


Name Country Dissertation
Alicia ABASCALSpainTourism as a main factor for economic growth: the potential role of tourism in developing countries
Skender ATAKANBelgiumIs a two-speed EU sustainable?
Britta Johanna BENIENGermanyHow far are the current German labour market reforms influenced by the European Lisbon Strategy? A possible trade-off between employment and social cohesion
Perica BJELOKOSIČCroatiaWomen?s Position in the Labour Market in Croatia
Esther GARCIASpainOpenness as a factor of innovation
Mathilde GOLLAFranceFiscal federalism and monetary union, applied to the enlarged EMU
Jan JURÁKCzech RepublicThe Maastricht Fiscal Criteria Revisited
Marija KATIČCroatiaUnemployment and the Croatian Labour Market
Radim KRAMULECzech RepublicEquilibrium Exchange Rate in the context of the Czech Republic and its approaching entrance in the EMU
Gueltaz LE MAGUERFranceBilateral flows of tourism trade in OECD countries: the gravity equation approach
Diana MISTRÍKOVÁCzech RepublicThe Slovak pension reform. Modeling the Slovak economy with the Overlapping generations - general equilibrium model.
Ellen MOONENBelgiumA comparison between European and United States' competition policy
Hana MRKVIČKOVÁCzech RepublicTrade potentials between Mercosur and the enlarged European Union: a gravity model approach
Noortje PENNINCKXBelgiumFinancing Higher Education and Bologna: a microeconomic analysis
Livia PITOŇÁKOVÁCzech RepublicRegional convergence in the enlarged EU: comparative study of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Petr SEDLÁČEKCzech RepublicWhat caused the Czech NAIRU to shift?
Lucie SCHEYVAERTSBelgiumThe creation of a genuine European labour market. The need for increased labour mobility in the EU: the role of education.
Petra SZILAGYIOVASlovakiaSlovak health care financing reform in the light of EU experience
Veronika ZAVACKÁCzech RepublicDual Inflation in Slovakia: Determinants and Implications for the Compliance with the Maastricht Inflation Criterion


Name Country Dissertation
Didier DUPONSELLEBelgiumThe Impact of the Liberalisation on the Air Handling Market: an Economic Analysis - Case Study: Prague Airport -
Jérémy FERRAINFranceFiscal Competition and Provision of Public Goods
David GaraySpainAppealing Europe: Spain and UK Cases
Eva JAKŠÍKOVÁCzech RepublicThe role of trade in business cycle synchronization: the European context
Václav KAŠPARCzech RepublicImportance of Foreign Direct Investment for CEE Countries
Šarka KLAILOVÁCzech RepublicPotential Labour Migration in the Wake of the EU Enlargement: Who is about to make the move? (With focus on the Czech Republic)
Miroslav KOLLÁRCzech RepublicProduction Structure in the Context of International Trade
Jana KOPECKÁCzech RepublicInternational Mergers & Acquisitions process analysis
Dirk KRUSEGermanyDesign and Conduct of Macroeconomic Policies in Open, Interdependent Economies.
Sarah MEERSMANBelgium
Michaela MERZOVÁCzech RepublicTourism and Travel Industry: its past and future, tourism in the Czech Republic
Kim PANISBelgiumInfluence of the ECB on the Exchange Rates: Estimation of a Model: Euro-Dollar Case
Zdeněk PŘEMYSLCzech RepublicMigration potential towards EU 15 - The Czech Republic
Gazmend QORRAJKosovoAsymmetric Information in Lending and Banking Development (Transition Economies, Kosovo)
Simona RASCIUTELithuaniaLithuania's Trading Potential with the Members of EU: a Gravity Model Approach
Alessandro RUBINOItalyCompetition in EU Electricity Market
Jan ŠTĚPÁNCzech RepublicTrade Effects in the Czech Republic from Joining the European Union - Gravity Model Approach
Onur TOPALTurkeyEffects of Customs Union Membership on Turkey?s Trade and FDI
Michala TUČKOVÁCzech Republic
Dennis VAN DE POELBelgiumPrimary Education in an Enlarged EU: on the Differences of Equity between Member States
Mieke VAN HOYDONCKBelgiumEuropean Competition Policy: Assessment of Economic Arguments used in the Schneider-Legrand Case
Sofie WILLEMSBelgiumMacroeconomic Policy Coordination in EMU
Qingwei YANChinaThe Income Inequality within EU
Michal ZDENĚKCzech RepublicConvergence in the Enlarged European Union


Name Country Dissertation
Stijn BAERTBelgium
Iva BARTLOVÁCzech RepublicImpact of inward foreign direct investment on the export performance of the Czech Republic
Joeri BRUGGEMANBelgium
Jiří BUŠEKCzech Republic
Bruno CORIČCroatia
David DE BELSBelgium
Nicolas DE CALLATAYBelgium
Els DE MUYNCKBelgium
Mark HODGKINSONUnited KingdomOld age and work: an analysis of UK government policy success in ensuring state benefit payments for retirees, and altering retirement incentives for the UK labour force, in response to an ageing population.
Diazia CHEBREKFrance
Zuzana JUŘÍKOVÁCzech RepublicCzech Republic on the road to European Monetary Union: Is it reasonable to explain the trend real appreciation of Czech koruna within the Balassa-Samuelson framework?
Giorgio KOURSARISItalyThe impact of foreign direct investments in Greece
Barbora KŘIŽKOVÁCzech RepublicCorporate Taxation: A Comparison of the UK and Germany
Socrates LEPTOSCyprus
Miroslav LUKEŠCzech RepublicShaping of the European Union Landscape: Single European Market for Financial Services and CE Accession
Šárka OBŮRKOVÁCzech RepublicComparing the role and status of female workers in enlarged Europe
Miroslav PÍŠECzech Republic
Stefan VAN PARIJSBelgium
Yun XIAOChinaHarmonization of European Accounting Reporting Standards: The potential Impact on EU Capital Market
Mile ZORIČCroatia


Name Country Dissertation
John ADJEIGhanaThe Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: a Study of Some Selected Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Jana AUBRECHTOVÁCzech RepublicCo-ordination of Monetary and Fiscal Policy: The Case of the European Monetary Union and the Czech Republic
Adela BIGERIEGOSpainThe Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe: a Macroeconomic Approach
Samuel BOSSUTFrance
Geert DE ROECK Belgium
Eva FANTOVÁCzech Republic
Jan JELÍNEKCzech RepublicCO2 Emissions Trading System in the Czech Republic
Tomáš KONEČNÝCzech RepublicTrade, technology, and wage dispersion: The case study of the Czech Republic
Kateřina MRÁZKOVÁCzech RepublicAn Empirical Study of Economic Convergence of the Cohesion Countries
Zdeněk NAHODILCzech RepublicCzech Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and EU Enlargement
Gwendolyne ORCHARDBelgium
Jana ROHÁČKOVÁCzech Republic
Rostislav ROZSYPALCzech RepublicCooperation and Joint Ventures in R&D
Vladimir ŠIMIČBosnia-Hercegovina
Ladislav VAJDÍKCzech RepublicFDI, technology spillovers and productivity: The case study of the Czech Republic
Gaetane VAN DOORSLAERBelgium
Els VAN HECKEBelgium
Martin VONNEMANNGermany


Name Country Dissertation
Tereza BUČINOVÁCzech RepublicHas the Way of Industry Transformation Affected the Development of the Labour Productivity?
Biljana CVETANOVSKAMacedonia (FYROM)Macedonia in Transition: Fiscal and Financial Constraints Affecting SMEs
Giovanni D'ALESSANDROItaly
Eser ELMASUnited Kingdom
Nikolina JAKOSKAMacedonia (FYROM)The pain of transition: Labour Market Inequality in the Republic of Macedonia
Marek JINDRACzech Republic
Madlen LUCASGermany
Zdenek NAHODILCzech Republic
David NOVÝCzech RepublicExchange Rate Variability and the Conundrum of the Central and Eastern European Countries
Matej ŠVRČEKCzech Republic
Clément VANEECLOOFrance
Eva VAŇKOVÁCzech Republic
Petra VAŇKOVÁCzech Republic


Name Country Dissertation
Asta CAPLICAITE LithuaniaImplications of EU enlargement for Lithuanian labour market
Ctibor COUFAL Czech RepublicDevelopment of Tourism as a Solution to EU´s Regional Problems
Lenka ČERNÁ Czech RepublicUnemployment and Labour Market in the Czech Republic in the 1990s
Maria Luisa GIL PAYNO Spain
Jitka HAVLOVÁ Czech RepublicDevelopment and perspectives of the Czech currency in connection with the entry of the Czech Republic to the EU and EMU
Sarah Louise HODGKINSON United Kingdom
Jane Elisabeth CHRISTIAN United Kingdom
Harald JANSSEN DE VROOM Netherlands
Alice LANGEROVÁ Czech RepublicThe Evolution of Central Banking in the Czech Republic
Christina Julie SKOV LYNGVIG Denmark
Jiří SVOBODACzech RepublicOverborrowing in the Czech economy
Shqiponje TELHAJAlbania
Tomáš TRNKACzech RepublicThe causes and consequences of the balance of payments deficits in the Czech Republic
Tomáš VYSKOCILCzech Republic
An WYNSBelgium


Name Country Dissertation
Jan BABICKÝCzech RepublicThe Impact of the Single Market Programme on Foreign Direct Investment in the European Union
Chris DE KEULENAERBelgiumDuality Theory and Flexible Functional Forms: Towards an Application to the German Iron and Steel Industry
Sonja DERKUMGermanyThe trade relations between the European Union and the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa: current issues and implications for the future
Maria Teresa GUTIERREZSpainEffects of euro on small and medium sized enterprises
Iordanis HARTBASGreece
Chris HOWARDUnited Kingdom
Miroslava KARÁSKOVÁCzech RepublicActive Labour Market Policies versus Unemployment Benefits: Impact on Swedish, British and Czech labour markets
Dušan KORUNKACzech RepublicAntidumping measures taken by the European Union (EU) against the Central European Countries (CECs)
Maria Francesca LOPORCHIOItalyThe Privatization of the Italian Electricity Supply Industry: An Assessment
Marco MANNELLAItalyA Comparison between the North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union with Respect to Environmental Issues
Angela NISIOItalyThe EU Mediterranean Policy Evolution and Prospects
Christina POPIVANOVABulgariaMonetary Policies and Banking Reform in Hungary and the Czech Republic: Ready for EU Accession?
Tomáš STRAŠÁKCzech RepublicThe Effect of the Introduction of Euro on Financial Position of EMU Companies
Iva SYROVÁTKOVÁCzech RepublicTransport Policy in the EU and the Development of the European Transport Network
Jana ŠVARCOVÁCzech RepublicHas Regional Policy helped Convergence in the EU
Jiří VEVODACzech RepublicWill the national central banks remain national within the European Monetary Union? (The role of the national central banks in the EMU.)


Name Country Dissertation
Katherine BAETENBelgiumPresence of Sioen industries nv in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Mariela BARBOLOVABulgariaSome Aspects of Bulgarian Business Culture with Recommendations for Foreigners
Francesca CAMPAItalyIs telecommunication an exciting industry to study? Telecommunication policy in the European Union?
Adrian CIGANGermanyAre economically important countries to the USA more susceptible to moral hazard?
Guglielmo CRUCIANIItalyEconomic Transformation of the Czech Republic
Josef DUŠEKCzech RepublicEuropean Regional Policy and its future in the challenging context of Eastern enlargement
Alexandr HOBZACzech Republic
Richard IRLENUnited KingdomWhat were the causes of the Asian currency crisis and what could be done to avert a similar situation from happening again
Ivana KEŘKOVÁCzech RepublicCEFTA and the European Union: Macroeconomic analysis of the Central and Eastern Europe at the end of the 1990s
Tim LIEVENSBelgiumThe competitiveness of the Polish agriculture: An analysis using revealed comparative advantage measures.
Maurizio MEGAItalyOutlook on Technology Licensing
Juan San MIGUELSpain
Tomáš NOVÁKCzech RepublicThe Consequences of Agricultural Regulation under Common Agricultural Policy
Mirjam POUWENetherlandsExplaining foreign direct investment in Europe: an empirical analysis of the foreing direct investment flows in the EMU-countries - the expected impact of the introduction of the Euro
Heidi PRIORUnited Kingdom
Stefan ROLANDBelgiumThe influence of the Bosman Case on the European sports transfer market.
Steven RYMENANSBelgium
Michal SKROTTCzech RepublicCzech Republic Industrial Policy in Context of EU Accession
Radek SMÉKALCzech RepublicThe Role of Small Countries in the European Union: Some Insights in Decision-Making Processes with Respect to Future Enlargements
Mila TODOROVABulgariaWhat is the impact of the EU trade policy on the development of Bulgaria?
Cedric VECHTERBelgiumHas the European Airline Liberalisation Been Completed So Far? An Overview
Hans VERBERTBelgiumInternational economic policy coordination and the role of the IMF and the World Bank


Name Country Dissertation
Jaroslav BERGERCzech RepublicCooperation of the Czech Republic with the EU in the field of Phare activities - support for export
Maria Moreno CASAMICHANASpainEU Agriculture. A Spanish cost-benefit perspective
Marta Gomez CASTROSpainEuropean Union: an economic interpretation of its problems, and an analysis of the likely scenario for the new Europe
Heather CLARKUnited KingdomShould there be a European-wide Minimum Wage?
David COGGANSIreland
Lieve CRAUWELSBelgiumWelcoming Western business in the Visegrad-3 countries: Rationale for financial incentives to FDI in Central and Eastern Europe
Zdeněk ČechCzech Republic
Roberta D'ALCONZOItalyDisputes settlement in the WTO. Two empiric cases of EU and U.S. complaints.
Kirsten DE CLERCQBelgiumThe consequences to banks of introducing the euro
Kristof DE MUERBelgiumBelgian small and medium-sized enterprises and their export performance: the case of the food sector
Kristel DE SMEDTBelgiumInterdependence between the United States and the European Community: From a patron-client relationship towards co-operation through the TABD
Brian DEEGANIreland
Peter DEGROOTEBelgium
Radan HANZLCzech Republic
Lubomír MACEKCzech Republic
Eva MANOUŠKOVÁCzech Republic
Eva NUŇESPortugalPromoting European Integration through Culture: The Kaleidoscope Programme
Biagio PAGANOItalyUtilising the internet as a marketing strategy for the penetration of the European Union Market. A prospective for the SMEs.
Michele PATRUNOItalyInternationalisation of the firm: the distribution channel-building process and the changing consumer environment in Europe.
Olga RATAJOVÁCzech Republic
Conrad SCHONEGermanyIs there a European Future for the Transrapid? Costs and benefits of high-speed train lines - a case study of the German Transrapid Maglev System for a moving Europe
Tomáš TLUSTOŠCzech Republic
Jiří TOUREKCzech Republic
Jasbinder TUTTUnited KingdomEuropean Union Enlargement and Integration - Policy Implications For the Union & Central and East European Countries
Hana ZÁRUBOVÁCzech Republic


Name Country Dissertation
Antonio AGROSIItaly
Alessia ALLOGIOItaly
David BALBASSpain
Gert BAMESKOVDenmark
Karel BÁREKCzech RepublicThe Database Products of A.C.Nielsen, their comparison and use in practice
Jiří BERANCzech RepublicH&R Johnson Tiles Ltd. A tile manufacturer expanding to Central and Eastern Europe
Garret BURKEIreland
Colman BURKEIreland
John CLARKEIreland
Ilse COUGÉBelgiumThe analysis of EC-CEEC trade flows after the fall of communism
An DECOCKBelgiumComparing different measures of international competitiveness and their empiric relevance
Mario ENGELSBelgiumThe valuation of interest rate derivative securities: an overview of theory and empirical evidence
Michael FABIÁNCzech RepublicMichelin worldwide and expansion to the Czech Republic
Daire GILMOIREIreland
Colin GRAHAMIreland
Geert JORISBelgium
Robert KAZDACzech RepublicBusiness Portfolio Analysis - Farey Industrial Ceramics Ltd.
Aidan LEONARDIreland
Rostislav LEVÍČEKCzech RepublicFairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (Strategic Business Analysis)
Conor McGRATHIreland
Andrew McKAYIreland
Dermot MULVINIrelandEconomic implications of Ireland joining EMU without UK
Henryk Jan PACIOREKCzech RepublicOpportunities for the Brands of C&C International in Central and Eastern Europe: Report
Jiří PALÁNCzech RepublicBluebird Buses Ltd., Aberdeen, Scotland: Analysis of the public transport company
Francesco PANZAItalyExport consortia: an incentive for the small and medium-sized enterprises to export. The situation in Italy
Ilona PÉCHYOVÁCzech RepublicA giant on the soft drinks market
Jaromír ŘÁNEKCzech RepublicICL - a company in permanent changes
Petra TŘEČKOVÁCzech RepublicAnalysis of costumers? loyalty
Herwig WOUTERSBelgiumTransition Policies and Intra-Industry Trade: The Polish Case


Name Country Dissertation
Svetlana ANDRIANOVARussiaInterdependence of Restructuring, Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in the Transition Economies: The Case of the Czech Republic, 1990-1994
David CARNEYUnited KingdomThe Balance of Payments as a Constraint on Growth: Evidence for Twelve European Countries 1960 - 1994
Koen COOLSBelgium
Koen DULLAERSBelgium
Christophe FREREBelgium
Ondřej FRYCCzech RepublicContrail Services (Belgium) N.V.: Analysis of business and production activities of firm
Daniel JACQUOTFrance
Martin JAŠEKCzech RepublicAnalysis of Regional Shopping Centre Developments: Running of the Potteries Shopping Centre
Jan KARÁSEKCzech RepublicExpansion of Allen-Bradley Company
Alexis KIBUNJABelgium
Petra KLÍMOVÁCzech RepublicReport of Practical Placement (at Business Routes, Ltd., UK)
Andrea KOCOURKOVÁCzech RepublicH&R Johnson company sales, export, marketing department: Analysis of Business and Marketing environment
Zuzana KROUPOVÁCzech RepublicThe Induction Process of A.C.Nielsen, its comparison with recent trends and its implication for competitiveness
Ignazio MARZULLIItalyEuropean Value-Added Tax: a review
Mario PALAZZOItaly
Rafaella PATIMOItalySituations and prospects in EU and CEECs: the textile-clothing industry
Zbynek PELACzech RepublicWaterford Wedgwood plc (Business Description and Marketing Strategies)
Mark READUnited KingdomBrand Accounting and Stock Market Efficiency: The UK Stock Market
Anna SAN SEGUNDOSpainForeign Exchange Market Efficiency: Results for the Spanish Peseta
Guy SCLEPBelgium
Pavel SEDLÁČEKCzech RepublicThe British Housing Market Analysis, Position of NatWest Home Loans in this Market; Mortgage Processing in NatWest Home Loans
Imma UBIERGOSpainPurchasing Power Parity and the Long Run Terms of Trade for Spain: 1986-1995
Marcos VALLE SOTOSpain
David VÁVRACzech RepublicFairey Industrial Ceramics Limited: Analysis of Marketing Position, Strategies and Trends
Eva ZÁVODOVÁCzech RepublicFairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (Marketing Analysis of Domestic Water Filters Division)