16.4.2018 - 29.6.2018 - 3rd term in Prague

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The study programme covers issues of advanced theoretical and appplied economics especially in  relation to problems of Economics of globalisation and European economic integration.

The total programme consists of  60 ECTS. The taught part of the programme consists of  45 credits and the dissertation of  15 credits. One credit in the taught part roughly corresponds to 25 hours of working time (lectures, assignments and homework). All subjects are completed by written examinations.

The subjects covered by the programme are presented in the table below:

Discipline/module Subject Extent (in terms of ECTS)
Economic Theory Advanced Microeconomics 6
Advanced Macroeconomics 6
International Trade: Theory and Policy 6
Open Economy Macroeconomics 4
  Economics of Globalisation 4
Economics of European Integration 6
   Applied Econometrics 6
Optional courses Advanced 4
Skills 3

* Students should choose one subject from the list of “Advanced subjects” optional courses and one subject from the list of “Skills” optional courses. They may however choose more optional courses from both lists. Only the best marks from both lists will be used to calculate his/her overall average. The language options depend on the location of the term.

Optional courses type „Advanced Subjects:

  • Special Topics in International Finance
  • Special Topics in Applied Econometrics
  • Economics of Regulation
  • Special Topics in International Trade

Optional courses type „Skills“:

  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Academic Writing
  • Chinese language
  • French language
  • Dutch language
  • Czech language
  • Italian language
  • Spanish language
  • Portuguese language

Detailed content of courses is available at