Admission procedure for the academic year 2018/2019

Applicants from non-EU countries are welcome to send an email to Academic Director Doc. Ing. Zuzana Křečková, M.A., Ph.D. for further information.


Master study programme

Economics of Globalisation and European Integration


Conditions of admission

The condition for admission to the follow-up Master study programme is

1.   the successful completion of at least Bachelor´s  study programme in the field of economic or socio-economic  sciences,

2.   the passing of the of entrance exam in English, which consists of the oral part and the appraisal of study results

3.   the submission of language certificate that proves the knowledge  of English.  These are the only acceptable certificates :

  •  TOEFL ibT ≥ 95 ( Internet based test)
  • or IELTS 6.5
  • or CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)
  • or BEC Higher (Business English Higher)
  • or the proof of the study of at least one academic year in the English speaking  study programme

See details at

4.   the support by the following documents:

  • the transcript of completed courses
  • motivation letter
  • structured CV
  • references ( from two relevant persons from the studies at the university)

5.   payment of tuition fee in the program. The amount of the tuition fee specified by command of VSE Rector is 3.600 Euros for the entire programme accredited at Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze (Prague University of Economics and Business).


The form and outline of the exam, the criteria for its evaluation

 In the oral exam the candidate must approve:

  • the ability to formulate answers to the laid questions in the field of economics, international trade and integration at the level of completed bachelor´s degree
  • the knowledge of the current issues in international trade, integration and the position of the Czech republic and EU in the economic areas

The candidates who deliver all above listed documents will be invited to the oral entrance exam. The entrance exam takes place either personally at the Prague University of Economics and Business or via Skype interview. The entrance exam has a complex form.  Student answers  the questions in English. The framing content of the exam is the matter of the state Bachelor´s degree exam level at the Prague University of Economics and Business. The maximum score of the oral exam containing the answers to the set questions is 100 points.


The demonstration of academic prerequisites is judged by the basis of the CV, the transcript of grades of the present university education and the letters of recommendation. You can get maximally 50 points for the academic prerequisites.  The evaluation criteria: academic and personal  prerequisites judged by the basis of CV and letter of recommendation, achieved learning outcomes and the structure of up to now studies with regard to the specialization of program EGEI.


The method of verifying the admission conditions

 The candidate must demonstrate the completion of bachelor´s degree at least by 30 June 2018. The eventual problems connected to documenting is necessary to discuss in advance with the Academic Director of the programme. They must transfer the certified copy of university diploma or the endorsement of the appropriate  school  proving the completion of  their studies before joining to the programme.

The graduates from foreign universities, with the exception of Slovakia, must demonstrate it by submitting through official channels authorized copy of the certificate of recognition of foreign university education and qualification in accordance with § 89 zákona č. 111/1998 Sb.


Decision on admission

Committee appointed by the Dean of FIR will examine the results of the admission procedure and will suggest approval of the selection of students for the program to to faculty management. The admission  is determined by the order of applicants who meet the admission criteria, that are built-up due to the sum of points obtained by the evaluation. The student can get 150 degrees overall.  All successful  candidates will be accepted until filling the quota.  The candidate can be accepted only if he/she reaches at least 50% of points and fulfills the basic required cirteria.



Application step-by-step

Application is done electronically in InSIS at The application fee is 50 EUR (or 1 300 CZK) and you can pay it in accordance to the instructions in InSIS.


Deadline for applications: 30 April, 2018


The date of the entrance exam will be announced by e-mail, which the candidate provides in the application form in InSIS.


The announcement of the result of the entrance exam

 The results of the entrance exam  will be published in InSIS and on the EGEI website until 16th June, 2018.


Tuition fee for the programme

Financial aspects of the programme

The tuition fee for the programme ( it is possible to pay in EUR or CZK, for conversion  to CZK we use the exchange rate which is valid for the day of execution of the payment) is necessary to be paid by the end of September 2018 on the above listed account, and so after the prior approval of the payment schedule with the Academic Director of the programme. For the eventual payment on a later date you should contact the Academic Director of the programme.

The account name of recipient: VŠE, nám. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Praha 3

The name of financial institution: Česká spořitelna

Bank account number: 1828782/0800

Variable symbol: 200073

Constant symbol: 0308

(the bank account is in currency CZK)


Information for the payment from abroad:

IBAN: CZ21 0800 0000 0000 0182 8782


When paying from abroad, please, indicate in the note your name and variable symbol 200073.


Warning: This programme has its own variable symbol, do not use variable symbols for other master´s programmes at University of  Economics in Prague.




We look forward seeing you at the entrance exams at the Faculty of International  Relations


In Prague, 25 September 2017

doc. Ing. Josef Taušer, CSc., v. r.