Consortium meetings

Since the inception of the programme in 1994, the Joint Studies Board meets at least three times a year:

  • in the course of January to discuss the allocation of tasks among the partners of the consortium and, from 2006-2007 onwards, to select the candidates for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarships for the next academic year;
  • in the beginning of July to deliberate on the examination results of the current academic year and to decide on the necessity of ‘resit’ examinations for some students;
  • at the end of October, in preparation of the Graduation Ceremony that follows, to decide on graduation and end-of-study grades.

At each of these meetings evaluations are made with respect to the current year and consensus decisions are taken with respect to the organisation of the programme in the next year.

In addition, when necessary, special meetings of the Joint Studies Board are organised to discuss and decide on particular issues: major programme revisions, the inclusion of new partners in the consortium, etc.