Tips for stay at University of Cantabria

University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain

How to get there:

  • Fly with RYAN AIR: one way tickets PRAHA – BRUSEL (CRL) – SANTANDER start at 1000 CZK (buy in advance!). Calculate with extra fee for luggage (approximately 20 EUR). Despite of this additional fee, this is the cheapest way. (For more options, see skyscanner.comor
  • does not offer any train or coach connection.


  • University does not provide accommodation at dorms. You have to find it on your own, however, there are many possibilities and everyone from our cohort found a good one without any problems. (see a (We were also offered a help of an agency by Univeristy, however, their offers were too expensive)
  • Spanish folk are not keen on English language, you will (in most cases) need a help of your Spanish classmates. Without them, whole process could be much more difficult.
  • Price ranges from 150 – 250 EUR/month per person depending on quality/type/luck. My group had wonderful flat with big living room and view on the beach for about only 150 EUR/person/month.
  • Calculate with guarantee for energies (usually extra month payment) + payment for internet. Not all the flats are connected. In case you have to manage it on your own, count with 25-30 EUR/month, ask about period of notice). Internet mobile cost for about 15 EUR (1,5 GB + some minutes/text messages)
  • Trimester starts during January and ends in March/April. You will likely pay whole months. In case you have exams in the beginning of April, it is better to pay rent till March and find hotel/Airbnb accommodation for few days in April.
  • You will easily find a place close to school. Only one crew in our cohort had to use bus (in case of bad weather). They paid around 1 EUR per ride.


  • student canteen and cafeteria: 5-10 EUR for main dish (good quality)
    Cooking: you can buy everything in smaller or bigger markets (Carrefour), prices on average the same as in Czech Republic. I spent around 5 EUR per day while cooking
  • fastfood in city centre, kebab/burger around 5eur. It takes up to 30 minutes to get from school to city centre
  • Bars a Restaurants (10-20 EUR)

University and studies

  • University is 3 km far from the city centre, however, we all lived close to Uni.
  • University provides language courses in the beginning of the stage. Lectures are part of EGEI evaluation, you will go through 10 lectures/30 hours. Worth visiting
  • University also offers additional courses (around 600 EUR). Classmates were satisfied)
  • Good internet connection in library, however, impossible to use computer. Library closes at 8 o´clock.
  • Semester starts with Micro and Macro exams from the first trimester, followed by OEM lectures. Once the exams are over, there is some free time. It is a good time for travelling or starting with dissertation – You will enjoy outcomes of both at some time. J Some students rushed to move to another destination of studies.
  • It is mandatory to attend classes, as well as, it is vital to do so if you want to succeed. I highly recommend not to miss any class, you could regret it later.
  • Tests are written in form of essays. OEM and EEI require many graphs. While it is possible to „learn OEM by heart“, EEI will challenge your logical reasoning a lot and knowing the textbook does not necessary mean victory. Besides good notes from lectures, you are expected to go through textbooks.
  • Concerning subject „Regulation“, slides are enough to pass the test, however, questions are challenging and go really deep. All in all, it is much more demanding compared to CR.
  • Professors recommend (and some use during the lectures) to read articles related to the topic. Econometrics in such analysis will be very beneficial for you since you can understand how to work with data and develop models, that you are expected to use in your dissertation.

Free time.

  • Yes, do not worry, you will have free time ?
  • Santander is beautiful coast city. You can expect half sunny and half rainy days, since you will be there during winter season (average temperature 13-15, however some days it was even 20-25 degrees).
  • You can spend your time outside (treks by the coast, artificial park Magdalena, running on the beach, city centre walks). You will fall in love with Santander J
  • Gym: university Gym (20eur/month) or Gym „outside“. We found one close to Uni for 30-40 EUR (with pool)
  • There are many sport fields outside for free (mainly football fields)
  • Since you will be “divided” on the flats, you will gather there for other activities: (school consultations, ,movie nights, cooking, coffee, party)
  • City centre is a pulsing place, I highly recommend to go there at least once, find a nice place, order tapas and red wine. Priceless J


  • It is a must to taste local wine. They are both better and cheaper (price of the bottle starts at 0,75 EUR and better ones such Rioja are for 3-4 Eur. You will tell the difference immediately. You will pay 1,5 EUR per 0,2l in restaurants.
  • You have to taste Tapas. (Snacks, tasting plates). Variety of tastes and combinations is never ending.
  • Try sea food at least once. (dish will cost you around 20 EUR but you will never regret)
  • Beer – tough to be satisfied as a Czech, however, Galicia Estrella is meeting our standards. Another „drinkable“ one is San Miguel. Prices in restaurants up to 3 EUR, in supermarket 1,5 EUR per one litre.


  • One trip (to mountains) is organized by Uni, rest is up on You
  • Start with Santander, you can walk tens of km by the coast and it is worth doing so…
  • The best mean of transportation is car, we were lucky to have two cars.
  • With or without car, visit surrounding cities: the closest „must see“ is Bilbao, later on you can drive north through Gijón, León and Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela (500 km) and than to Porto.
  • If there is a gap between lectures (o rafter the last test) do visit Madrid and legendary Toledo (50 km far from Madrid, two way ticket Madrid-Toledo just for 10 EUR)
  • You will have a gap for about 14 days between 2nd and 3rd trimester. We used this period for visiting Morocco. (two way ticket from Madrid for 60 Eur)
  • If you are on budget (and don´t have a car), try BlaBlaCar or coaches (see (on this web, you can also find trains, however, they are more expensive).


  • Bring your own laptop – not gonna survive without it
  • Order an extra insurance in your country
  • Bring some cash in case of troubles with ATM (some of us had problems with withdrawing money)