Tips for stay at Xiamen University

Xiamen University, China

Basic information about the university and study

  • Xiamen is considered  to be one of the best places where to study throughout  whole China
  • endurance and discipline in learning are unescapable in the studies, for most of the students of  the Prague University of Economics and Business is necessary to radically change the style of  their homework (spastic and cursory preparation is no doubt  reflected in the weak results)
  • estimated daily average of studying is from 8 to 12 hours per day
  • it is very useful to study the lectures ahead (it is very important to capture in time the fast tempo of education)
  • the system of their education is spread throughout the whole trimester, many assessed homework, quizzes, midterms, final test
  • the environment in school premises is for Chinese standards really high standard, especially nice university campus, libraries, auditoriums. Libraries are open until 22:00, the school is officially open until 24:00 (the classes  are available for studying), unofficially even longer
  • studies at Xiamen University is beneficial in many aspects,  it also certainly adds an interesting new view on China in contrast with how China is presented in the media
  • during  the public holidays students do not visit the university, but all missed classes must have been replaced later, especially on weekends
  • The Chinese are shy even coy, only few of them speak good English (especially fluent English), and this also applies to university students,  it  is almost impossible to find English speaking person outside of the University . Despite this, Chinese students highly appreciate  the fact that they can socialize with people from western countries.
  • study in China is really powerful experience with the possibility of seeing  the Chinese countryside and cities