Objectives: Specific learning outcomes

1 To demonstrate a systematic understanding of key areas of economic knowledge, concepts, theories and techniques of importance in the professional practice of economics.
2 To critically evaluate concepts, theories and techniques and their application to contemporary problems in economics.
3 To undertake independent learning required to advance knowledge and understanding and to develop new skills for continuing professional development in the area of economics,
exercising initiative, personal responsibility and self‐direction.
4 To communicate concepts, results and conclusions in a manner that facilitates the implementation of sound decisions both to specialist and non‐specialist audiences.
5 To demonstrate transferable skills and application of knowledge of importance for employment as a professional economist and related occupations.
6 To demonstrate a systematic understanding of and an ability to appraise and apply appropriate theory and institutional knowledge of international trade and European integration and to critically appraise a range of EU policies.
7 To exercise the initiative, planning and personal responsibility necessary to live, study and function effectively in other European countries.
8 To demonstrate the ability to pursue a research dissertation from definition through planning, execution, interpretation and analysis of data to completed dissertation in an area connected to international trade and European integration.
9 To systematically evaluate complex issues in the fields of globalisation and European integration.
10 To make sound judgements in the absence of complete data and to communicate these clearly to both academic and business audiences.