Tips for stay at University of Bari

University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

  • Need to find accommodation soon enough (preferably in October or November) since Bari does not offer much of private accommodation
  • Accommodation in school dormitories is not provided (is usually completely full) so you need to look for private accommodation
  • Most of us reserved a flat or private room via AirBnb, but we remind to be careful and choose a top-ranked host so that you do not end up with cancelled reservation
  • Some of the students also looked for accommodation via, which also offers many housing opportunities for students
  • Also, it is possible to live in Campus X (private student dormitory) however none of us lived there partly because of high price (450 EUR/month/single room) and partly because of its large distance from school (the lectures take place in Facolta di Economia in the suburbs)
  • The price of accommodation ranged from 250 EUR to 350 EUR per single room (but depends, the best is to rent a flat via AirBnb and share it with your classmates)
  • Food is cheap when compared to France
  • Restaurants are usually closed in the afternoon (from 1PM to 6PM) so you either need to go for early lunch or late dinner
  • Definitely worth trying local Pugliese focaccia (f. x. in the centre in Panificio Magda) or there is bakery with focaccia near faculty.
  • Direct flights from Prague twice a week operated by Wizz Air and by Ryan Air (from April 2019)
  • It is also possible to drive to Bari by car, however we would recommend looking for accommodation with parking spot since when you park your car in street, it can get damaged easily
  • Around Bari we used mainly public bus
    • Possible to get a transport ticket for students only for 14 EUR/month
  • For trips we took trains (5-10 EUR) or bus (FlixBus, MarinoBus)
  • From the airport you can take train (FerrivieNordBarese) per appr. 10 EUR
    • Do not rely on public transport when going to the airport is delayed and beware of pickpockets
  • Also you can reach Bari from the airport by taxi (around 30 EUR, but look for official ones)
Other costs
  • There is a school swimming pool however located in a very remoted area. Other private swimming pools were rather expensive
  • We did not buy much equipment since the apartments were fully equipped (mostly)
Travelling tips

When in Bari, definitely explore more of Southern Italy. We recommend:

  • Alberobello (you can you there directly by bus Ferrovie del Sud Est: 10EUR for return ticket)
  • Napoli (can reach in 3 hours by MarinoBus two-way per appr. 25 EUR)
  • Matera (directly by train Ferrovie Appulo Lucane per 15 EUR two-way)
  • Polignano a Mare (directly by train per 5 EUR/return ticket)
    • Also try fish restaurant Pescaria! (tip: go there at 12AM so that you do not queue)
  • Apart from that you can visit Monopoli, Lecce, Trani, Rome (RyanAir offers cheap flights)