Advanced Microeconomics 2019-2020

Lecturer & Contact:

Bao, Xiaojia, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Sustainable Development, Columbia University, USA,, Office:D228, Eco Building, Xiamen University.

Prerequisites and co-requisites:

This class is intended for 1st year international master students. Basic algebra, calculus and probability analysis are required. If necessary, special math training sections will be organized to prepare students for the class.

Learning outcomes and competences:

The main objective of this class is to train students with basic microeconomic theory and enable students to apply microeconomic theories to analyze economic phenomena and related policies.

Course content:

Introduction to demand, supply, market equilibrium, competitive market, non-competitive markets and game theory

Assessment methods: 

  • 5 problem sets 10%
  • 5 in-class quizzes 15%
  • one mid-term exam 30%
  • one final exam 40%
  • class attendance 5%


  • Robert Pindyck and Daniel Rubinfeld, Microeconomics (7th Edition), Qinghua University Press 2007
  • Hal R. Varian, Microeconomic Analysis (3rd Edition), 2003