Tips for stay at Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom

Transportation to Staffordshire

  • BUS STUDENT AGENCY – two-way ticket to London about 80 EUR
  • From London to Stoke – one-way ticket National Express bus about 20 pounds, but at arrival  transfer from London is provided for free by meet and greet bus university.
  • It is good to watch offers  of Low-cost Airlines to London or Manchester.


  • OPTION 1
    • Private – about 300 EUR per month per person, but the problem with renting only for 3 months.
  • OPTION 2
    • Dormitory (price around 350 EUR  per week) – rooms are not very big, but practically furnished, each room has sink and Internet access, you  live just by yourself . Kitchens and    bathrooms mutual on each floor. The dormitory must be requested in advance by coordinator.


  • Food is expensive, it is worth to cook by yourself, 2-3 EUR, canteen to 5 pounds, frozen ready food in the chain ICELAND for 1,5 EUR, solidly cooked food costs 3 EUR
  • It is possible to shop at shops  Lidl, Aldi – cheaper than Tesco, weekly purchase approximately 20 pounds.
  • Plenty of Fish and chips shops, sandwich shops, Arabian fast foods are cheaper, you can also find  Chicken and chips for 1 pound.
  • Recommended  to taste Irish Cider beer (beer with something like mush)

Basic information about the university and study

  • At the beginning of the study there is so-called  Orientation Week – school provides basic materials about the city, school, etc.
  • The library and computer labs are at the university. There are very good facilities and almost no waiting time. The advantage are the opening hours of the library until 3 o’clock in the morning, but there is a problem with borrowing.
  • Macroeconomics is very helpful.
  • The emphasis is placed on understanding the substance and not just memorizing. The emphasis on home preparation. They go through interesting problems rather than the comprehensive substance. Students must read the original sources. Professors try to give students maximum, but they expect the same from students. Many students discuss with the teacher.
  • Tests are strictly anonymous, each work reads several people, the grades are strict, but it can be passed. Written essay form and selection of  2 questions from  6.  Honors gets only a few of people.

Leisure Time Activities

  • Large number of interest sport groups, sports – from windsurfing, lacrosse to yoga. At the beginning of the semester there is organized stock market, where you can choose.
  • The Student Union organizes various events – carnivals, dance evenings, etc.
  • The visit of brewery in Marathon is organized.
  • Sport facilities in campus, but expensive. Good gym in the complex (about 45 pounds for 3 months) Near the school is a local theater and a couple of clubs and pubs. Interesting information about interesting events can be known from school employee Jamie.

Basic information about Stoke on Trent

  • Stoke has a very nice environment, but not too lively – rather typical English countryside. Nearby is the Peak District – a large national park
  • The famous singer Robbie Williams was born here- there is also a museum at his birth-house
  • Industrial-postindustrial city
  • Museum of pottery and ceramics, Thursdays at Roebuck with beer per pound, Monday´s discos in Liquid
  • Stoke offers opportunities mainly to fans of beer, golf or football.

Travelling around the country:

There is an organized trip to Wales (for example Conwy town with a castle and the adjacent resort of Llandudno). Otherwise, definitely worth to see London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Chester. Is it possible to get student discounts. The train costs about 20 pounds and National Express bus about 10 pounds. Discount is about 30%.

Other attractions and recommendations

  • Opening of a bank account in England is very lengthy. I recommend Nat-West.
  • When paying in shops is better to have an embossed payment card
  • The opportunity to visit the school doctor, and he is free.